When buying our parts, you can be assured that product quality comes as standard. Our commitment to quality has been long-standing and unwavering.
Briefly, we have the following measures in place to ensure quality :

QMS certified ISO 9001 : 2008
The manufacturing facility of Palbro Industries (P) Ltd is governed by a rigorous quality control program with a detailed quality manual and product / process specific quality plans. The quality management system is certified for ISO 9001 : 2008
Raw Material QC
Raw Material is procured only from reputed manufacturers and Mill Test Certificates are obtained with each supply. The same can be furnished if required. Statistically drawn samples from incoming raw material are tested for surface hardness in-house and for tensile strength at an external laboratory.

Compliance with Industry Standards
Our design and manufacturing program complies with sound practices as recommended by standards.

Outgoing Inspection
Since proper functioning of parts is generally critical to overall component performance, we test every shipment of parts leaving our works for performance under operating load conditions. The testing equipment used is computerized load testers.

In-house Processes
Expertise and facilities for all relevant processes have been created in-house, from design & tool making to final component. This gives us complete control over quality.

Testing Facilities
Substantial investments have been made in testing equipment and instruments. All these are traceable to national standards and certified by government approved calibration bodies. These include :

. Surface hardness tester for metals
. Digital Vernier callipers and Micrometers
. Base plate and Height guages
. Thread Guages, Snap guages

Additionally, we use the services of external test laboratories for Spectrometric tests for metallurgy of metals and Tensile strength evaluation.

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